The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals." ~

Our Story

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Greendale Meats started in 1989, born out of our love for animals and a want for quality locally available products. 

We enjoy raising beef for our customers in the way that we believe in and the way that customers want...

Free-Range, Home Grown, Grass Fed Beef  and we have carried out that belief into the way we raise all other animals as well.

No growth hormones or implants are used, this is the way we wanted to go and this is the way we are proud to do it. 

Happy and Healthy carefree beef.   We feel very comfortable raising our beef the natural way, like our families before us did, without thinking any different.

 Plenty of green grass and sunshine, rain and fresh air.  The way mother nature intended.  No cramped cow pens and cattle feed lots, force fed beef was definitely not the route we wanted to go.  We take good care of our beef and the rest of our animals on a no stress farm...and lovin it....